Kachem Young

We proffer literacy solutions and mitigate the odds against literacy through- advocacy, mentorship, and creating access to qualitative Education for all.
About us

Helping the youths, women and children to harness innate talents and giftings to become Valuable & Useful to the society

Kachem Young Initiative (KYI) is a charitable non-governmental organisation that advocates and promotes entrepreneurial education, inclusivity, and access in the education sector in Africa. We also mitigate the odds against literacy and minority rights. We understand how illiteracy cripples the human mind, thereby crippling economies, financial capacities, and limiting people in all spheres. We achieve our goals largely through our mentorship programs, academic tutoring, scholarship awards, community library projects, health and wellness campaigns, GBV advocacy, minority rights advocacy, vocational skill trainings, ICT training, and internship placements

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