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About Us


Our story starts way back.

Our Mission

To advocate and promote entrepreneurial education, inclusivity and access in the education sector in Africa, and mitigate the odds against literacy and minority rights.

Our Vision

We envisage an Africa devoid of literacy, where inclusivity guides our education systems and policy-making, education is skill based, and basic education is free for all.

Who we are?

Kachem Young Initiative is a charitable non-governmental organisation dedicated to reviving the hopes and dreams of young Nigerians, especially those in rural areas. Because even the greatest miles are covered in mere steps, we presently have our focus in Ebonyi State. Our purpose is to help the youth realize their potentials and we do this largely through mentoring and Networking programs (MAN Programs), Skill Acquisition Projects (SAP), Business Support Scheme (BSS), and our Promoting Education Programs (PEP)

Our History

I have seen and been a victim of the bedeviling effects of illiteracy, and have also experienced and shared the freedom and power of literacy, knowledge and continuous learning. I knew at thirteen that no one should be rid of the opportunity to experience knowledge and succeed, so I began advocating for children’s rights under the Child’s Rights Act through the Child’s Rights Club and the Nigerian Children’s Parliament to which I belonged. 

Between years 2001 and 2004, I worked in partnership with the Ebonyi State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, the Child’s Rights Club (CRC), the Nigerian Police Force and the Ebonyi State Children’s Parliament to end child labor and ensure that every child of school age was in school.

Over the years, I have physically and virtually mentored over a thousand people and have given my voice and career to promoting inclusive, quality and affordable education, and advocating minority rights, especially at the grassroots.In 2017, seeing the link between young people and the poverty trap due to their limited access to education and knowledge, I founded KACHEM YOUNG INITIATIVE (KYI), a charitable non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to helping the youth, women and children realise their potentials through the instrumentality of EDUCATION, MENTORSHIP, and ADVOCACY.

KYI is founded on the Christian principles of LOVE, EMPATHY,  SACRIFICE and HOPE. 

We understand and hold to the non-discriminatory boundless love of Christ for mankind. We hope in a great future for all, and we believe that this future is attainable through faith, hard work and resilience.

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